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Created at the beginning of the Twenties by M.Hantraye, the small garage located street Delatour in XVIème district of Paris was repurchased by Mr. Perinet-Marquet in 1950. Ci against, Perinet-Marquet father and son.

A true cave of Ali Baba appears it, because with the passing of years, the stock of Mr. Perinet-Marquet did not have of cease to increase, one counts there many carburettors, 2CV with Ferrari while passing by BMW or Porsche, what to give again a new breath with the oldest cars, and to look after most recent. Weber solex, Zenith, Pierburg, Bosh, Marelli… and much more still!

Mr. Perinet-Marquet left the place has his son, true impassioned, it gives itself body and soul and attaches a great importance to the repair of these marvellous vehicles. Very meticulous person, it provides a work neat and clean in its new workshop of Bournainville field beans, where in addition to one imposing stock, it has all the material to repair the carburettors. Its team consists of impassioned like him, you can entrust your old man carbu to him, it will be ready to return her breath to him.

Mr. Perinet-Marquet, your carburologist.

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